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Here you will find a lot of Downton Abbey (particularly Lady Mary), long-dead royals, living royals, NBC comedies, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, cats, and politics.

"...the child must have a valuable thing which is called imagination. The child must have a secret world in which live things that never were. It is necessary that she believe. She must start out believing in things not of this world. Then when the world becomes too ugly for living in, the child can reach back and live in her imagination. " -Mary Rommely, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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Aoû 21 '14

:Mary forced to marry Matthew to save the family from the king. On matthew’s arrival Mary as someone fight Matthew for her honor , but when Matthew wins he doesn’t kill the challenger& let’s him live. Then refuses to marry Mary thus leaving the family at the kings will , so Mary must try to change matthew’s mind. Good luck with that.

This review of my story is kind of bewildering. Is anon speculating, or telling me that’s how the story should go?

Tags: I feel like it's the latter-- considering the 'good luck'

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  1. soulmates au
  2. childhood best friends au
  3. teacher/student au
  4. teacher/single parent au
  5. one night stand and falling pregnant au
  6. meeting at a coffee shop au
  7. fake relationship au
  8. roommates au
  9. meeting online au
  10. high school popular kid/nerd au
  11. partners in crime au
  12. writer and editor au
  13. co-stars au
  14. lab partners au
  15. meeting in the E.R/A&E au
  16. brand new neighbours au
  17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au
  18. waking up with amnesia au
  19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au
  20. dysfunctional relationship au
  21. best friends sibling au 
  22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
  23. meeting on a train ride au
  24. literally bumping into each other au
  25. librarian/avid reader au
  26. sitting on the same park bench au
  27. meeting at a support group au
  28. knocking on the wrong door au
  29. going away to war au
  30. tourist/knowledgeable local au
  31. prostitute/client au
  32. doctor/companion au
  33. celebrity/fan au
  34. meeting at a masquerade ball au
  35. one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au
  36. living in a society where their love is taboo au
  37. meeting in prison au
  38. cop/person getting a speeding ticket au
  39. long distance relationship au
  40. exes meeting again after not speaking for years au
  41. ghost/living person au
  42. star-crossed lovers au
  43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au
  44. one of them being diagnosed with a terminal illness au
  45. pretending to hate each other au
  46. nanny/single parent au
  47. meeting at a festival au
  48. meeting again at a high school reunion au
  49. boss/intern au
  50. going through a divorce au

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All I can say is…wow. Not a good feeling. 
Officer Darren Wilson’s gofundme has more money donated than Michael Brown’s memorial fund. White privilege at it’s finest. 
I don’t usually post about stuff like this, but please share this in hopes of more people donating to Michael Brown’s family. You can find the gofundme page: here.


All I can say is…wow. Not a good feeling. 

Officer Darren Wilson’s gofundme has more money donated than Michael Brown’s memorial fund. White privilege at it’s finest. 

I don’t usually post about stuff like this, but please share this in hopes of more people donating to Michael Brown’s family. You can find the gofundme page: here.

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This one is gold.


This one is gold.

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Words to describe someone's voice

  • adenoidal: if someone’s voice is adenoidal, some of the sound seems to come through their nose
  • appealing: an appealing look, voice etc shows that you want help, approval, or agreement
  • breathy: with loud breathing noises
  • brittle: if you speak in a brittle voice, you sound as if you are about to cry
  • croaky: if someone’s voice sounds croaky, they speak in a low rough voice that sounds as if they have a sore throat
  • dead: if someone’s eyes are dead, or if their voice is dead, they feel or show no emotion
  • disembodied: a disembodied voice comes from someone who you cannot see
  • flat: spoken in a voice that does not go up and down. This word is often used for describing the speech of people from a particular region.
  • fruity: a fruity voice or laugh is deep and strong in a pleasant way
  • grating: a grating voice, laugh, or sound is unpleasant and annoying
  • gravelly: a gravelly voice sounds low and rough
  • gruff: a gruff voice has a rough low sound
  • guttural: a guttural sound is deep and made at the back of your throat
  • high-pitched: a high-pitched voice or sound is very high
  • hoarse: someone who is hoarse or has a hoarse voice speaks in a low rough voice, usually because their throat is sore
  • honeyed: honeyed words or a honeyed voice sound very nice but you cannot trust the person who is speaking
  • husky: a husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse (=as if you have a sore throat), often in an attractive way
  • low adjective: a low voice or sound is quiet and difficult to hear
  • low adverb: in a deep voice, or with a deep sound
  • matter-of-fact: used about someone’s behaviour or voice
  • modulated: a modulated voice is controlled and pleasant to listen to
  • monotonous: a monotonous sound or voice is boring and unpleasant because it does not change in loudness or become higher or lower
  • nasal: someone with a nasal voice sounds as if they are speaking through their nose
  • orotund: an orotund voice is loud and clear
  • penetrating: a penetrating voice or sound is so high or loud that it makes you slightly uncomfortable
  • plummy: a plummy voice or way of speaking is considered to be typical of an English person of a high social class. This word shows that you dislike people who speak like this.
  • quietly: in a quiet voice
  • raucous: a raucous voice or noise is loud and sounds rough
  • ringing: a ringing sound or voice is very loud and clear
  • rough: a rough voice is not soft and is unpleasant to listen to
  • shrill: a shrill noise or voice is very loud, high, and unpleasant
  • silvery: a silvery voice or sound is clear, light, and pleasant
  • singsong: if you speak in a singsong voice, your voice rises and falls in a musical way
  • small: a small voice or sound is quiet
  • smoky: a smoky voice or smoky eyes are sexually attractive in a slightly mysterious way
  • softly spoken: someone who is softly spoken has a quiet gentle voice
  • sotto voce adjective, adverb: in a very quiet voice
  • stentorian: a stentorian voice sounds very loud and severe
  • strangled: a strangled sound is one that someone stops before they finish making it
  • strangulated: strangled
  • strident: a strident voice or sound is loud and unpleasant
  • taut: used about something such as a voice or expression that shows someone is nervous or angry
  • thick: if your voice is thick with an emotion, it sounds less clear than usual because of the emotion
  • thickly: with a low voice that comes mostly from your throat
  • thin: a thin voice or sound is high and unpleasant to listen to
  • throaty: a throaty sound is low and seems to come from deep in your throat
  • tight: a tight voice or expression shows that you are nervous or annoyed
  • toneless: a toneless voice does not express any emotion
  • tremulous: if something such as your voice or smile is tremulous, it is not steady, for example because you are afraid or excited
  • wheezy: a wheezy noise sounds as if it is made by someone who has difficulty breathing
  • wobbly: if your voice is wobbly, it goes up and down, usually because you are frightened, not confident, or are going to cry

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This drabble is a commissioned piece for the Downton Charity Drive.

Prompt: Despite their best efforts, the Crawleys have no choice but to downsize the staff and make other difficult decisions to reduce their costs. I’m mostly interested in the reactions and emotions around those decisions. No need to get into the technical details. a Mary/Carson & Mary/Robert +  Mary/Blake, 1000-words fic.

“I’m sorry, James, but there really is no other option. We shall provide you with two week’s worth of wages and excellent references, but I am afraid that your time here with us here at Downton is at an end.”

He watched the young man’s shoulder’s slouch under the weight of her words, knowing what this was costing her even as she held her emotions in check.

“Understood, my lady,” Jimmy returned shortly, unable to look her in the eye, staring straight ahead lest he be unable to keep his composure. “How long do I have before I’ll need to be packed up and ready to leave?”

“You will have a week,” Carson answered, the slight sag in Mary’s always impeccable posture alerting him to how personal this had become. “That should hopefully give you enough time to make some other arrangements.”

Was it anger or a trace of malice that he viewed in the footman’s eyes as they darted from the butler to Lady Mary herself? He nearly jumped from his seat to a stance of defense, but held himself back, knowing he was a mere outsider in this highly personal setting. Mary had included him in these proceedings as a friend and consultant, but nothing more.  Yet somehow, it had become personal—much too personal for his own comfort. How had he allowed himself to become so entrenched in the difficulties of this family and their estate, to become so invested in their success?

He knew the reason well. She was now standing at the window, regaining her composure as Carson dismissed Jimmy from the room.

“Who’s next?” Lord Grantham asked, the rough edge to his voice signaling his own emotional state.

“One of the gardeners,” Mary returned flatly, moving away from the window as she paced the floor.

“A lad named Horace,” Carson added, moving towards the earl as he spoke. “He has been with us but two years, my lord. But I think he will still take the news with some difficulty.”

“That’s perfectly understandable,” Mary put in, her gaze dropping momentarily. “A lifetime can be lived in two years.”

He realized her mind had strayed elsewhere, into that private realm he dared not yet disturb. She had offered him glimpses, a story here, a comment there, a remark of how George was so like his father in one way or another. Yet he understood this was still tender ground upon which he trod, sensitive territory into which he would allow her to forge a path for him as she felt comfortable.

“Are you certain this is our only option?” Robert questioned. “That there are not cuts still to be made elsewhere?” Mary looked at him in exasperation as she answered this inquiry for the third time.

“Do you honestly think we would be doing this had we any other viable options to keep Downton afloat?”

The creased pain in her expression struck him as sharply as needles piercing skin, and he suddenly despised his position, feeling like a turncoat as he recalled assumptions made in haste the first time he had laid eyes on her.

His first impression of Lady Mary Crawley could not have been more wrong.

“But the pigs have brought in extra revenue,” the earl continued, forging a trail across the carpet in a new direction. “And the new shipment should arrive any day. You were so convinced this venture would help to save Downton, Mary, yet here we stand, depriving people who depend upon us for their livelihoods.”

She shook her head, dropping her hands in defeat before her body slouched into a nearby chair.

“If I may, Lord Grantham,” he interrupted, unable to watch her bear the brunt of a responsibility that was shared any longer. “Lady Mary’s idea to raise pigs was both inspired and practical, and it will eventually pay off in spades thanks to her hard work and dedication. But the blight that killed so many of them could not have been anticipated. When you take into account the large number of salaries for which your family is responsible and place them on top of the basic operating expenses of an estate such as yours, additional cuts are necessary lest the entire venture go under.”

She shot him a look of gratitude from under her lashes as her father took measured steps in his direction.

“And what of those tossed overboard to keep the ship afloat, Mr. Blake?” Robert questioned, his eyes narrowing. “Do they not matter at all in your estimation? Should we just watch them drown from our safe vantage point on deck without at least offering to toss them a life raft?”

“Oh, please, Papa,” Mary cried in exasperation, standing on tired legs. “Mr. Blake bears no fault in our difficulties, and he is here at my invitation. If anything, he deserves our gratitude for helping to save our pigs when they first arrived.”

He met Lord Grantham’s eyes squarely, considering each word that passed over his lips.

“No one is going to drown, Lord Grantham, not if they are willing to embrace the changes taking place in our society and adjust their way of life. The servants dismissed today can find work elsewhere if they will but search for it and make the necessary changes. And you are being more than fair with their severance pay and references. Many employers aren’t doing nearly as much for those they must let go, unfortunately.”

Carson made a small noise behind him, and whether it was one of approval or disgust, he could not discern.

“Necessary changes!” Robert spat bitterly. “Is there nothing left of decency and tradition in our world anymore? Of responsibility and guardianship? Of honor and dignity? Are such virtues simply incompatible with survival in this new era of which you speak?”

She moved to her father with an elegance he could not help but admire, the touch of her hand on the earl’s arm soft and deliberate.

“Of course there is, Papa,” she reasoned, her tone measured. “We simply must understand that the manner by which those qualities are demonstrated may be far different now than they were five years ago.”

His breath caught in his chest as her eyes captured his, something unspoken in their depths grabbing him in a manner he felt physically. He suddenly wished he could take this trial from her, that he could lighten this burden resting squarely on her shoulders and hear her laugh again as she had that muddy night in the barn.

That night had changed everything for him.

“But we must move on,” she continued, her unwavering glance speeding his pulse. “We must understand that the past is behind us and can never be recaptured. Stepping forward is our only option, opening ourselves to new possibilities the only means by which we will survive and live.”

Was he understanding her correctly? Surely he had not just imagined the intensity of her stare nor the intimacy of her statement. He opened his mouth to speak, to assure her, to somehow let her know that he would not abandon her in this new era into which she had been so cruelly thrust.

“Horace is here, my lord,” Carson interrupted, breaking their connection as uncomfortable reality descended yet again.

“Show him in, Carson,” Robert returned, moving towards the door as he straightened his spine.

She looked into him but a moment more before her mask of impenetrable steel was put back in place, the transformation rather startling. He had not imagined it, then, that silent transaction between them that had ended nearly the moment it had begun. He watched her with renewed fascination as she squared her shoulders and drew a steadying breath, preparing herself for the unpleasantness to come. Then she left him standing in the corner, hoping for a future with her that neither of them dared yet define.

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by anonymous


by anonymous

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The Essex girls of Downton (Vogue UK 2014)
Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family” in this month’s Vogue, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”


The Essex girls of Downton (Vogue UK 2014)

Michelle Dockery, who plays icy Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, tearily describes the cast as a “second family” in this month’s Vogue, and says she holds a particular connection with Maggie Smith, her onscreen grandmother, the Dowager Countess. Smith, in turn, says she “dare not catch Michelle’s eye when we’re around the dining-room table — it is so dangerous when we start giggling.” The reason for the irreverence in the face of such grandeur? “We have a great rapport, perhaps because we are both Essex girls.”

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Thomas Newman - Saving Mr. Banks (End Title) (Saving Mr. Banks [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Deluxe Edition]])

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First Glances, Second Chances


petercapaldork said:

Can you please oh please oh please continue “First Look” for M/M? Do whatever you want, but I need more! :D

chickwriter said: awwww yes. i don’t want to be that person who requests 125,000 words on this by Monday, but…

thematthewreview said: Lovely - please tell me more about Fr. Matthew Crawley if you feel so inclined….

maryjosephineblake saidOh my gosh I think you may have to continue this!!

wee-monster saidI want more!!! (please)


As part 1 was so short, I have included it here. Hope you enjoy it, my lovelies! 

It had been in the hospital corridor when he had first noticed her, standing alone yet regal, tugging self-consciously at a silken scarf worn to conceal blatant pain. He had moved stealthily in her direction, tingling the moment she made eye contact, brown orbs brimming with courage and fear that halted him in his tracks.

God, she was so lovely it hurt, and he wondered how she would look with hair the hue of her lashes cascading freely down her shoulders. He reprimanded himself silently. Those were not appropriate sentiments to entertain when desperation looked back at him under a mask of ivory skin.

“You can beat this,” he assured her as her gaze narrowed then dropped. “Don’t ever give up.”

“That’s what everyone keeps telling me,” she answered, her erect posture drooping slightly. “But it’s not easy. Sometimes I get so tired.”

His throat constricted as he moved into her space.

“That’s completely normal,” he returned softly. “I assure you.”

He took her hand, something washing over him with the fresh delicacy of a spring rain. As a minister, he was used to encouraging those facing impossible circumstances, was used to praying with strangers and carrying burdens that would weigh on him with the heaviness of lead, was used to offering support for those simply trying to survive.

But this—this was different. And he knew instantly that this woman would change his life. 


He had been hoping to see her again, cursing himself for not giving her his card, glad his parishioners were unable to hear words that slipped from his mouth when concerns about image fell away and his soul felt exposed. He wished he had asked for her name, prayers for a woman he thought about more than he could understand somehow not feeling as potent as they should when he could call her little more than “she”.

He needed a name. He wanted to know her.

Read More

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i put my root beer in a square cup and now it’s just beer 

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a Seasons drabble


This is what I woke up to playing out in my head and I just want to stab myself and die right now.


“Can I call Mr. Blake ‘Papa’?”

It takes a moment to catch her breath at his unexpected question.  “No, darling.  I know you are anxious over having a papa, but your papa will be who Mummy decides to marry.”

Pale blue eyes gaze at her above his pout.  “But I want Mr. Blake to be my papa.”  The softness of his voice combined with his expression tears at her.

She has to swallow hard to get her next words out.  “But Lord Gillingham would make a good papa, too.”

The face that stares back at her is too familiar, though softer for all the roundness of childhood.  The downturn of his mouth, the identical blue of eyes framed with masses of dark gold lashes.  The cowlick on his forehead that sends a tumble of blond waves across his forehead no matter how much they are brushed back into place.

She feels she is being judged by a ghost as well as her son.

He is silent now, but she can tell his thoughts remain stubbornly on Charles.  She glances over to where he stands, still chatting with nanny, polite as ever in allowing mother and son privacy, though she catches his frequent gaze of fondness toward the little boy. 

Hands smooth over the wide sailor collar, skim down arms to take small hands in hers.  “Give Mummy a kiss before you go back to nanny.” 

His lips brush her cheek as hers brush his, and she swims in the warm scent of him, soap and fresh air, and still the faintest hint of newborn that makes her heart ache.  She stands as she watches him walk back over to where nanny is, his head down, clearly still upset.  He politely shakes Charles’ offered hand before turning his face into nanny’s skirts and leans into her with all the disappointment of a three year old with a broken heart.

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I’m, sorry. What were you saying?

I’m, sorry. What were you saying?

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